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The attitude of people in good faith to the professional conduct of work. 
* One heart and one mind, the foundation of a decade inherited; efforts to create a brilliant century. 
* The creation of improved service to the community. 
* In order to win the trust of the owners of high quality, competitive service to the opponent. 
* Honesty, excellence. 
* Ngau Tau accounting industry, classical Genesis. 
* Faith-based, innovation Zhiyuan. 
* Talking about the letter, the exercise. 
* Innovation is the soul, and talent is. 
Business purposes: 
To provide satisfactory products. 
Operating principles: 
Honest and trustworthy, quality-oriented. 
Market concept: 
Market changes, adapting to the market, in line with the market open up the market. 
Corporate culture slogan: 
Work should be carefully, carefully, and then carefully; 
Response to rapid, rapid, and more quickly; 
We must humble, modest, and modesty; 
Efforts should be made to work, efforts and work even harder; 
Simple matter to do thousands of times an error is not simple, 
Easy to do thousands of times does not make mistakes is not easy. 
The company slogan: 
Integration of resources and create opportunities to develop new markets, achieve win-win situation. 
◇ Entrepreneurship: 
Eternal excellence, the supreme master. 
◇ Business philosophy: 
The implementation of scientific management, establish a corporate image; 
Business down-to-earth, working for excellence. 
◇ Market idea: 
Market change, beyond the market, market-leading, open up the market. 
◇ Corporate Culture slogan: 
The attitude of people in good faith to the professional conduct of work.